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Need help handling all your properties’ needs?

Behl Home Services is a yearly subscription home maintenance service created exclusively to oversee the upkeep of your house or vacation home.

With 15 + years of experience as an interior designer dedicated to transforming spaces from top to bottom, Priyanka has the insight and expertise to determine what your home needs. She will thoughtfully plan and organize with her network of creative and skilled local partners to help create unique customized solutions and efficiently manage your home projects — interior and exterior.

Based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Priyanka has developed an extensive network of reliable and skilled local professionals and tradespeople. When not designing, she devotes her time to her family and to her growing and exclusive line of original textiles.


Services include (and are not limited to) —


Interior Design
Window Treatments
Home Additions
Painting and Wallpaper Installation
Repainting and Drywall Maintenance
Refacing Cabinets
Installing / Replacing Light Fixtures
Upkeep of HVAC Systems
Replacing Tiles or Flooring
Pest Prevention
Rug Cleaning


Resealing Driveway Blacktop
Roof Replacement / Repair
Painting and Siding
Gardening and Lawn Care
Power Washing
Gutter Cleaning

Our Team Includes —

  • General Contractors
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Handymen
  • Plumbers
  • Landscapers
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Carpenters
  • Tilers
  • …and more!


We look forward to hearing from you!

Call us at 1-617-848-8090

Or fill out the form below.

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We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs for our exclusive boutique home services. Kindly fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you to begin the process.

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Service Address — Kindly provide us with the street address of the home where our services are needed.
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We know you want to learn more about this exclusive service, so we answer some of your questions below.

Contact us directly and we can open a conversation to discuss further details regarding your specific needs.

What are the hours of operation?

Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM

What’s the response time from initial request?

Within 24 hours

What’s the best way to reach Behl Home Services to schedule a service call?

Call us at  +1-617-848-8090

Or send us an email at contact@behlhomeservices.com

Or fill out our Contact form

Do you offer emergency services?

No, we only offer maintenance and regular upkeep of your residences.

Does the yearly subscription fee cover any of the workers' fees?


What is the cost of the subscription?

The cost varies depending on the property size and your need, and the subscription is renewable for each 12-month period. Contact us to begin the conversation.

What does the subscription fee include?

The subscription fee includes 35 hours per year of project management. Any additional project management hours will be billed separately.

What does the time allotted per subscription cover?

The hours could be used for scoping out project details, planning, organizing, scheduling, purchasing, liaising, and managing the project from start to finish.

Is my subscription to be paid all at once or monthly?

Your subscription is to be paid annually at the time of signing the proposal.

Can we roll over subscription hours?

No. Subscription hours must be used within the fiscal year of subscription.

How do you keep track of your annually used hours?

We maintain a time log to keep track of project management time spent on visits/projects and that information is available to you upon request.

How many properties can I subscribe for?

There is no limit, however the yearly subscription is based on the number of properties.

Does Behl Home Services manage the project?

Yes, that is part of the yearly subscription.

Do you maintain commercial properties?

We only maintain residential properties.

What areas does Behl Home Services cover?

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Some exclusions may apply.

Do I need to be involved in the process of hiring/managing contractors/workers?

No. This work is overseen by our project manager or team member of Behl Home Services

Can I, as the homeowner, manage part of the project?

For seamless project completion, project management is to be overseen only by Behl Home Services.

What if a service/project is delayed?

Behl Home Services will manage all service requests in a timely manner and update you of any delays due to scheduling issues or unavoidable circumstances.

Does Behl Home Services entertain other tasks outside of the listed services?

It’s always worth the ask, and we will always try our best to deliver you the best services we can offer.

Who handles the bills and payments?

Bills and payments will be handled by Behl Home Services. The subscription fee does not include the labor and materials provided by the hired professionals. You will receive invoices from Behl Home Services for the services rendered.

Do you schedule seasonal maintenance checks?

Yes! We can schedule HVAC filter replacement, gutter cleaning, power washing, and more!

Are your crews licensed?

Yes. We work with licensed and skilled tradespeople.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Every project varies! We do our best to organize and schedule based on availability of time and resources.

Behl Home Services

Wellesley, Massachusetts 02481

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