Galle Blue JasperGalle Blue Jasper

Pattern: Galle
Color: Blue Jasper
SKU: 5078-1

Galle Pink IcingGalle Pink Icing

Pattern:  Galle
Color:  Pink Icing
SKU:  5078-2

Galle SunriseGalle Sunrise

Pattern:  Galle
Color:  Sunrise
SKU:  5078-3

Galle WatercressGalle Watercress

Pattern: Galle
Color: Watercress
SKU: 5078-4


Pattern: Galle
Technique: Print
Width: 54″ (137 cm)
Repeat: V = 6.25″, H = 6.0″ (15.87 x 15.24 cm)
Composition: 52% Linen, 48% Cotton

Description: Inspired by Priyanka’s trip to Sri Lanka, Galle is named after the city known for its lighthouses and a famed fortress. Called a “European city,” it is rich in architecture.

Textile - Pattern: Galle - Repeat