Blossom Dusty BlueBlossom Dusty Blue

Pattern: Blossom
Color: Dusty Blue
SKU: 5079-2

Blossom - Forest FogBlossom - Forest Fog

Pattern:  Blossom
Color:  Forest Fog
SKU:  5079-1

Blossom Lemon PepperBlossom Lemon Pepper

Pattern:  Blossom
Color:  Lemon Pepper
SKU:  5079-3

Blossom RosewoodBlossom Rosewood

Pattern: Blossom
Color: Rosewood
SKU: 5079-4


Pattern: Blossom
Technique: Print
Width: 54″ (137 cm)
Repeat: V = 3.25″, H = 2.25″ (8.25 x 5.71 cm)
Composition: 100% Linen

Description: Inspired by my daughter’s name which means “beautiful blossom,” she’s happy, vibrant, and full of life !!

Textile - Pattern: Blossom - Repeat