Priyanka Behl's Trip to India

Priyanka’s Trip to India — Autumn 2022

My Story

After a long 3-year absence I was finally able to make a trip to India to visit with my family and to rekindle my connections to all that this beautiful, fascinating, and deeply cultured country has to offer. The sights, the sounds, the food and the warmth of the people everywhere I went made those two short weeks an inspiration and a joy. Indeed if you have never been to India, you truly must go.

I drew fresh inspiration from visits to the market to buy bangles for my daughter and from travelling between different cities in the South. All the while taking in once again the architecture, colors, music, and patterns which greeted me in both countryside and on every street and lane. Thankful to be back after so long, this trip was mainly for family and friends, but every trip is a rich experience and a source of textile revelations!

Priyanka's Trip to India - Autumn 2022